The Sun Never Sets on NACS Global

Supporting our foreign partners overseas is a vital part of the US military strategy for success around the world. Our nation’s successes are our allies’ successes, and our allies’ successes are our nation’s successes. Making sure our international coalition partners have the resources and infrastructure they need is crucial to securing a better world for all.

But that’s easier said than done—supporting our allies abroad means navigating through logistics and red tape on every level. It takes a special kind of skill and expertise to chart these waters and make sure our allies overseas have everything they need—from vehicles and equipment to personnel to IT infrastructure and beyond.

An Experienced and Skilled Team

Policies and procedures are only as good as the personnel executing them. Since our founding as a US defense contractor in 2004, we’ve been the prime contractor on multiple contracts in Europe and the Middle East and on various IDIQ contracts. 

We have over eighteen years of extensive and flawless experience in managing all facets of military communications security platforms and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and helping our allies manage the growth of their militaries. In our company’s history, we’ve maintained a record of zero audit issues and zero discrepancies, demonstrating our wholesale commitment to impeccable contracting services. 

A Team of Veterans

As a veteran-founded, veteran-powered international military contractor with three consecutive HIRE Vets Gold Medallion Awards from the US Department of Labor, we bring impeccable contracting services together with the practical insight and working knowledge only people who’ve “been there” can have. 

And because we’ve “been there,” supporting our allies isn’t just our business—it’s our lives. It’s a holistic ethos that permeates our company and reflects in every facet of our organization. As veterans ourselves, we’ve dedicated our lives to serving all around the world. And so we see giving back—both at home and abroad—as not just business but our moral duty. 

Giving Back to the Local Community

That’s why we don’t just perform exemplary contracting work for US allies abroad but also dedicate ourselves to working with organizations ranging from our local Tri-Lakes Cares Food Pantry to the international crisis and disaster response organization Samaritan’s Purse. Our people come from every branch of the US Military other than the Coast Guard (so far); we’ve had boots on the ground all over the world. And all over the world, we’ve seen people in need—and we are incredibly blessed to have the resources and ability to give back wherever and whenever we can.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, it was popular to say that “the sun never set on the British Empire” because their territory stretched across so many time zones that you could be sure it would always be daytime within some part of it. We like to say, “The sun never sets on NACS Global,” because our service spans the world, one way or another—and also because, one way or another, our work is never done.