Protecting the Pursuit of Your Purpose

We provide the greatest communications security management to the US
military and its allies . We also provide industry leading Security Operations
Services and Cyber Security analysis and consulting services.

Cyber Security


Network Penetration Testing

We use all of the avialable tools and techniques to find as many ways to enter your network. We do this so that you are network and data are as protected as possible without imposition on operations

Vulnerability Assessments

We perform multiple techniques to get a basic picture of the vulnerability of your network.

Network Intrusion Detection Devices

With our Security Operations Center, we can place a variety of techniques, tools, and devices, based on your needs and budget. The span of our capabilities can go from placing one device that is regularly monitored to imbedding ourselves into your network and watching and engaging any threat 24/7/365.

Cyber Threat Analysis and Awareness

We have the ability to scan you network as well as the Internet, to identify threats and malicious activity that might be targeting your organization.

Communications Security Management

Perfect Record

We have been managing Communication Security Accounts since 2003. We have been in Europe, Middle East, and Far East. Every inspection we have ever had has had came out with zero discrepancies.
This is unmatched by any of our competitors.


Whether it is from the Middle East, or within our borders, we bring interesting perspectives from our unique obstacles that we have faced over the years.