You Can’t Understate the Value of Military Experience in Military Contracting

A military is only as effective as its support. All over the world, military contractors play the role of vital backbones for mission-critical communications systems, manufacturing, materiel and personnel support, IT and cybersecurity, and more.

What happens when a backbone isn’t strong enough to support the body? It slouches. It aches. It hurts. It can’t support moving at a fast pace or responding effectively to changing circumstances and shifting material needs. In other words, a contractor that serves as a weak backbone can’t act effectively and responsively to support military units around the globe when it needs to.

What does it take to give a strong backbone to a military contractor’s service and support operations? It takes the skill and know-how to navigate the chain of command and effectively assess and act on their changing needs in the shifting geopolitical arena. In order to work cohesively with any military unit, it takes an intimate knowledge and familiarity with the needs of the people, from the boots on the ground to the top of the chain of command.

Military contractors all around the world run the gamut of services to support state militaries, whether it comes to supplementing fighting forces, providing support for the procurement and supply of critical equipment, or maintaining secure communication and cybersecurity infrastructure. For example, here at NACS Global, we put our extensive IT knowledge to work providing secure communications infrastructure support for the US Military and our allies abroad.

A military contractor’s strength in these areas comes from the experience of its people. In other words…

Veterans Make Strong Contractors

When it comes to military operations, nothing can be left to chance. A contractor’s ability to provide support in the form of technical expertise, policies, and procedures are only as good as the personnel it can provide to tackle thorny issues requiring logistical, technological, and material support.

The people who are best equipped to provide the best military contracting services are the people who’ve already served. To be a veteran is to have a broad set of hard and soft skills gained from firsthand experience in the world of military service, possess a well-honed sense of discipline and adaptable nature, know how soldiers and officers at every level think and what they need, and handle military equipment in compliance with government standards and regulation—all crucial abilities and attributes that effective contractors need.

For contractors like us, for example, one of our duties is not just to set up secure, cutting-edge land and air communications and continuing to support them, but also to provided on-hand and on-site training to military personnel on how to properly operate and manage communications technology and provide COMSEC support. 

Veterans are uniquely adept at providing this sort of training because veterans are used to receiving that training (to varying degrees of success—and just like a veteran will remember good officers and bad officers, a veteran will remember good contractors and bad contractors as well). Needless to say, having personnel who’ve had a foot in both worlds—service and contracting—is vital for ensuring a smooth and issue-free handoff in operational responsibilities.

As a veteran, the plethora of skills you’ve gained through your military experience, from IT and logistics to program and project management, inventory control, training services, operations support, and just knowing what it’s like to be there provide inestimable benefit to contractors like us.

That’s why we here at NACS Global are always on the lookout to bring skilled vets onboard, especially retired or disabled vets who may be finished with military service but haven’t yet exhausted their passion for serving our country and its interests abroad.

A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

It goes without saying that veterans provide incredible value to military contractor operations due to the military experience gained over the course of their services. And it goes the other way around as well.

As a veteran, you’ve gained a prodigious set of skills, discipline, and abilities, ranging from leadership and people management skills to project management. Military contractors often make for attractive employers for veterans like you—you can take everything you’ve learned during your time in the military and apply them to the same industry in fresh, new, and exciting ways.

For veterans, military contractors like NACS Global provide the opportunity to continue being part of something big and keep doing the things you loved about military service, such as working and traveling abroad in exciting locales and continuing to serve our country and US allies globally, while drawing a good salary with competitive benefits and setting a path to your future personal and financial goals. 

For many veterans, military contractors like us enable them to keep on serving their country while also being better able to start, support, and spend time with one’s family.

Do you have what it takes to be a part of NACS Global?

Here at NACS Global, we’re especially on the lookout for disabled and retired veterans to join our team—and having a background in communications, cybersecurity, computer programming, or network engineering is a plus.

For veterans, especially disabled veterans, finding a new career after military service that lets you take advantage of the skills you’ve developed and the experiences you’ve had can be difficult. That’s why we make it our mission to hire our nation’s heroes and help veterans, including disables and retired veterans, start new careers and begin writing the next chapters of their lives.

NACS Global is a proud recipient of the HIRE Vets Medallion Award for 2019 – 2022—the only federal-level employment award that recognizes a company or organization’s commitment to hiring, retention, and professional development for veterans. Our mission is to support the American mission while helping our nation’s heroes transfer their military training, leadership skills, and COMSEC experience into extraordinary international careers.

We’re looking for veterans with a thirst for adventure and a drive and desire to do meaningful work and overcome exciting challenges. If you’re done with your service, but not with serving your country, and you’re looking for your next career move, take a look at the opportunities we have in store for you:

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