Government Contracting

NACS has extensive experience in managing all facets of military communications security platforms.
NACS has been the prime contractor on multiple contracts in Europe and Middle East since 2004.  NACS has partnered
on various multiple award IDIQ (Indefinitely Delivery Indefinite Quantity) contracts.

North American Consulting Service’s capabilities are recognized on an international level, as they are based on a multi-faceted approach. We are dedicated to maintain, review and update our detailed and customer-focused policies and procedures that are anchored in U.S. government policy and U.S./coalition partner mission. Policies and procedures are only as good as the personnel executing the support. This is why we spend extensive amounts of man hours purely dedicated to researching and discovering highly skilled individuals with exceptional experience. Finally, the bedrock of our capabilities are due to our internationally recognized project managers. These are the individuals that support NACS personnel on the ground, the coalition partners, and the U.S. government by providing their unmatched knowledge and experience, with unequivocal dedication.

Land-Based COMM Systems

KIT 1C, KY-58M, RT 1836C, KG/SG 250, KG/SG 175 D, KY/SY 100, KY/SY 117 F, KY/SY 58 1, MRAP, Patriot, SEWS, CPN/CENTRIXS, Harris Radios, Gator Sites, Radar Sites, DAGR GPS Units, GBADS, HIMARS, SAASM GPS, THAAD

Aerospace COMM Systems

AN ARC 231 V C, AN CSZ 5D, AN CYZ 10, AN PYQ C, KIR 1C, KIV 119, KIV 6, KIV 77, KIV 78, KY-58M, KY-100M, RT 1785C U, RT 1794 C, RT 1478 D C (ARC 201D), RT 1808A C ARC 231 V C, KG/SG 250, KY/SY 100, KY/SY 58 1, AH-64 Apache, F-16, UH-60M, Twin Otter DHC 6, Chinook CH-47, CASA 295, C-130J, C-17, Typhoon Aicraft, Link 11, Link 16, Link 22, MODE 4 and 5 IFF, SAASM GPS,

In 2004 NACS was awarded the management of US/UAE Communications Security (COMSEC) Account. We stood that account up and helped the entire UAE military grow at an exponential rate. Our dedication to the US government and the Foreign Partner was unmatched. As a result, our reputation has spread. Since then, NACS has managed five different FMS COMSEC Accounts. These accounts have been audited fourteen times with over eighty semi-annual inventories, resulting in ZERO COMSEC violations, ZERO discrepancies, and 100% physical Accountability. This performance record has received accolades of “Best Audited Account to Date” and “The Best Managed Accounts” in multiple Areas of Responsibility.