Protecting the pursuit of purpose by alleviating the necessary burden of
fortifying data and securing flawless communications

Our Approach

After working on behalf of the US Department of Defense for sixteen years, we have brought what we’ve learned back to Appalachia to support our local community in cybersecurity. We analyze their networks and hack their systems in order to better discover their weaknesses and secure the network. We partner with industry leading institutions to learn the latest advances of malicious techniques and tactics. Our approach to this perpetual learning is “We need to find EVERY vulnerability, because the bad guys only need to exploit ONE!”

Services We Provide

Network Penetration Testing

We use the latest, most effective tactics and tools to hack into their network with the client's approval.

Vulnerability Assessments

We scan points of a network to analyze the fortification of a network.

Network Intrusion Detection Devices

We install devices and tools on a network to track, engage, and mitigate malicious activity.

Cyber Threat Analysis and Awareness

Perpetual research and analysis of threats and training on the latest trends to better understand the perspective of malicious actors to help protect our clients.